How we work

We focus on a few core principals to keep us focussed on providing the best care for you or your loved ones.

Our Approach to Healthcare


Homecare is centred on our clients but it is important that all stakeholders are active and part of the process – family members, designated medical professionals, PHN Public Health Nurse. Communication is key and we have found over the ten years successfully running Castle Homecare that clear, timely and factual communication translates to a smooth and supportive service for our clients.


This service is about people and providing care for them suitable to their needs alone. Our duty lies with the client and our wonderful local carers have been providing quality service to clients in the community for over a decade. At Castle Homecare we understand that entering a client’s home is deeply personal and we are there to assist as best we can, respecting the fact that we are entering their home and treating it in that manner rather than a workplace.

Keeping Track

Castle Homecare has integrated Onetouch Telecare as it’s key communication tool. This interface is multilayered allowing families to view care schedules and live rosters and providing the capability for families to leave notes for carers directly involved in their loved ones care. The Platform, because it is on realtime means it is a support system for both carers and families while also allowing after-hours support access to all key information.

There are many different types of home help services we provide to support you, whatever your needs. Homecare visits can be once a day or a number of times a day, this depends from person to person and what they require to assist them in their daily lives. All of our Carers are carefully selected, trained and vetted by An Garda Sìochana.

How we are appointed.

We are appointed as Homecare providers in two ways:

1. Family Appointed

Family member gets in touch with Castle Homecare and begins the process of putting a Homecare service of their choice into place, this usually works like this:

2. HSE Appointed

Through the Public Health Nurse an application was put forward for Homecare for an elderly person.  Hours were approved which are funded by the HSE for Homecare.  Then the sequence of steps is as follows:

It all starts with a conversation.

It's likely you have lots of questions. The very best way to find your answers is to get in touch. We'll discuss your needs and talk you through the steps towards providing that homecare... and some peace of mind.