Home Care

For most people, growing older means that there are times when you find it difficult to manage with day-to-day living activities. We're here to help.

What is Homecare

For most people, growing older means that there are times when you find it difficult to manage with day-to-day living activities, some tasks and jobs you would have done with little effort become impossible without assistance and this can be a hard realisation. You may need some help, or you may be caring for a friend or family member who needs some help, but you just don’t know where to start or what help you can get.

First of all you are in the right place, information and support in understanding what needs you or someone you are caring for requires is so important in this first step of engaging care.  Every new client is met by a senior team member along with their family member where their exact needs can be discussed and agreed for a go forward plan.  Their needs may increase or decrease over time and homecare can be flexible in this regard.  We reflect changes in clients needs through care plans, carefully and compassionately formulated, led by our inhouse Nurse and experienced Team Leads.

What we can offer

The following are some examples of Home Help services we offer:

Light Housekeeping

Castle Homecare’s light housekeeping service combines a number of our services in one package. Basic housework and housekeeping tasks such as laundry, meal preparation, shopping assistance and miscellaneous housework is all part of the service, which is tailored to each individual based on requirements.  As old age advances, housework and everyday tasks around the house often become more problematic and energy-sapping, which can lead to many important tasks being neglected. In particular, tasks such as cleaning out the fridge, cleaning down surfaces thoroughly, changing bedclothes, dusting, ironing etc… tend to become less and less of a priority in our later years, but remain as important as ever.

Shopping & Meals

As age creeps up on us, tasks we have carried out diligently throughout our adult life, such as shopping and preparing meals, can become difficult and daunting. As a result, the quality of the food and subsequently the nutritional balance in our diet can suffer. Having a good diet is important at all points in our lives, but is particularly vital in youth and old age. Our bodies need to be given every advantage at these vulnerable times, and a healthy diet is a major factor. Castle Homecare can provide carers who can assist with shopping and meal preparation.

Personal Laundry

Castle Homecare can provide a personal laundry service, helping individuals who are finding it difficult in later life to complete such tasks.

Our carers can help you with all basic washing & drying tasks, in addition to helping with ironing if required. Our commitment is to helping you or your loved one in times of need, and making life as easy & comfortable as possible for the people who need our help


Also here are some questions we received recently which may help you in your decision-making process:

1. My Dad only needs a couple of hours a week , mostly just to get out and about and to have someone check on him – is this something Homecare can help him?

Absolutely Homecare assistance can help you with your Dad’s needs.  Homecare can be tailored to suit needs of a client.  We here at Castle Homecare assist a great deal of people with everyday tasks including companionship, daily exercise and a whole host of other requirements.  Homecare exists to ensure people can live as independently as possible and with dignity in their own homes while receiving support from a professional agency with the aspects of daily life which are more challenging.


2. Mum really needs help in the mornings, getting dressed and having her breakfast and then getting ready for bed in the evenings.  Can we get just two hours a day, one in the morning and one in the evening for these specific reasons?

Castle Homecare can help your mum, we have a team of trained and dedicated carers, who not only live locally but already care for members of the community.  One hour in the morning (best you tell us when this is most suitable) to help your mum begin her day right and another return call in the evening to ensure she is ready for a good night’s sleep can easily be arranged and put in place.


3. I’m overwhelmed and a little bit embarrassed to admit I cannot do everything my mum needs me to do for her anymore.  She has Dementia and requires assistance with personal care every-day.  Please let me know?

First of all, no-one person can do everything, this is not something you should feel in any way embarrassed about.  Your mum is lucky to have you and asking for help is the absolute best thing you can do for her right now.   Personal care is a service we can offer and we are acutely aware of how sensitive and respectful this type of care requires carers to be.  We have an excellent and empathic team of carers who can work with your mum, towards needs and goals set out for her in a care plan.  Both you and your mum can help assemble a care plan that suits her needs best.


Call us for a chat and in the meantime be kind to yourself.