About Castle Homecare

Over 10 years looking after our local community with local carers.

Castle Homecare was established in 2010 by Christine King, who is still telling people why she chose the name Castle Homecare. So to clear up all confusion and to save the intrigue here is the reason – “It is because everyone’s home is their Castle.”

Sense of Community

Christine grew up close to where the office is situated in Woodpark estate and felt when she decided to set up the business that she would enjoy helping her own community first and foremost.  A decade later Castle Homecare has continued to stay true to its roots serving South Dublin.  Christine fostered a quality leadership mindset and her team behind her have bought into the vision that there is no desire to be the biggest but every ambition to be the best for our clients.  This has meant a conscious decision to remain focussed on the areas we operate in.

Castle Homecare Head Office is located on Ballinteer Avenue, on the first floor of Ballinteer Business Centre.  We are placed right in the centre of the community that we provide Homecare services for and we have found this to be a huge advantage. We have a personal understanding of the area and a large majority of our carers are living close by.  This has provided us with a personal approach to Homecare embedded in the community which for ten years has proven to be both reassuring and supportive to our clients.