What is Respite Homecare and What does it Mean for My Elderly Relative?

When you may spend of lot of your day looking after an elderly loved one it is very important to have the facility to take a break from time to time. The tasks you perform every day in a carer role can involve important things like administering medication, helping them get around and cooking meals, so we know you need to be sure any help you get is trusted.

This is where respite care comes in.

Knowing that your loved one will be cared for by friendly, dedicated professionals while you take some time for yourself can have a very positive and liberating effect, leaving you able to relax and recharge.

A Good Break

Going back to the original question, what it means for your loved one is that you will return to being their carer, revitalised and refreshed and better able to provide reliable and consistent care for them in their home. With respite care lasting anywhere from a few days to several weeks, you are afforded the time to simply have some time for yourself.
A Difficult Decision

When you involve Professionals like Castle Homecare to provide respite care, you can be sure that everything effort is made to keep disruptions to your relative’s day to day routine to a minimum. A well run care provider will make all the necessary planning needed to make temporary care a smooth and calm experience, with all lifestyle and medical requires being communicated and noted early on in the process.
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At Castle HomeCare, we are dedicated to helping seniors in Ireland live safely and independently in their own homes.