Nutrition Tips for Older Adults

All through life, eating a healthy, balanced diet is important but this becomes even more important as you age. If you eat healthily and stay mobile, you’ll be fitter for longer both physically and mentally which is important. Taking a look at our general tips below, which might be a good starting point and then get researching yourself to find the diet and foods that best suit you and your needs – and remember the internet is a great resource for new meal and recipe ideas!

Healthy Weight – Whether you receive home help or you live in a private home care service,  the ultimate goal should be to maintain a healthy weight. When you’re over or under weight, it can lead to nutritional deficiencies, and illness. As you get older, your required calorie count falls so it’s good to adjust for this while remembering to include all the key nutrients in your diet. With a healthy weight, you can stay active and enjoy life.

Cognitive and Cardio Health – Nowadays, there is a lot of focus on the risks of heart issues and the risk of Dementia or Alzheimer’s as people age. These have very different symptoms and effects on the body but the current advice is to focus on the same kinds of diets and vitamins to reduce or combat these risks.

For example, some goods foods to focus on includes citrus fruits, spinach, kale, chicken, turkey, beans, legumes, and broccoli as they are all good sources of folic acid. Also recommended to include in a good diet are vitamin B12, vitamin B6, Omega 3, and Fibre.

Bone and Joint Strength – Keep a focus on good sources of calcium as you age is also a good idea. To do this you can increase your intake of vitamin K and vitamin D. These are the recommended types of foods to keep good bone and joint strength.

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