Maximising the Relationship you have with Your Professional Carer

When it comes to taking care of your elderly relative, the professional home carer is by far your biggest resource. Whether a carer is provided via a homecare company or by private arrangement, they play a vitally important part in delivering a comfortable environment for your loved one.
Building a Relationship
There are a number of things you can do to enhance the relationship you have with your elderly relative’s carer, which will allow your loved one to get the very most out of that relationship. Working together and helping the professional carer to form a strong, long lasting bond with them significantly improves the quality of life your loved one will experience on a day to day basis.
Collaboration – Cooperating together with common goals in mind is imperative, so it’s important that your professional carer isn’t treated as an outsider, but as part of a larger team that has mutual respect for one another.
Being Positive – Whilst you might not see the carer at all, other than when they’re there to look after your elderly relative, they most likely have a very busy day, full of travelling and various different challenges. Positivity is key when considering how to provide care and by being friendly and respectful to them, a mutually beneficial environment is created for everyone concerned.Communicate Regularly – A good relationship has its foundations in good communication and this is most certainly the case with providing good care in the home. Talking with your relative’s  carer regularly allows you to identify issues as they happen and stay focused on your shared objectives.At Castle Homecare, we understand the need to build strong relationships when providing care for an elderly relative and by treating everybody involved with trust, integrity and respect, a very positive situation can be created for all concerned allowing for the best possible home care to be delivered.
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