Managing Medication for Your Elderly Loved One

It is a fact of life that as our parents, grannies and granddads get to a certain stage in their lives, the health issues they face are only going to increase. As a result, it is likely that they will be taking at least one, if not, multiple types of medication.

Personal home care for the elderly is a complex matter and one of the many issues that exist relating to patient safety is the management of their medication.

Difficult to Remember

In general managing, medications can be confusing for us all but can be understandably more difficult for someone suffering with bad health or age-related memory problems. Because of this medication management is most often provided to people receiving dementia and Alzheimer home care.

Make a Plan

If you are responsible for dispensing your elderly relative’s daily meds, then there are a few measures you can take that will reduce the risk of incorrect dosing:

You can make a list of the medications and dosages

Try to ensure all of the medication is coming from one single dispensary

Talk to their GP and pharmacist for guidance on their care

Create a diary log, in which you write down everything given

Ultimately, the elderly can often need our help when it comes to providing care at home. Where medication is concerned, it is a very important part to get right.

With medication dosing, a little bit of planning goes an awfully long way.
As part of Castle Homecare services, we arrange reminders for individuals on medication to provide an extra safeguard in cases of declining memory. Please feel free to contact us on 01 445 2268 to discuss the types of supports you need, and there is no obligation on you when you do call us.