Maintaining Your Loved One’s Independence with Home Equipment

The longer your elderly relative enjoys independence in their life, the better it is for them. Being able to do more for themselves has an incredibly virtuous effect, doing wonders for their self-esteem and confidence. This can be helped greatly by using equipment from a large selection available to offer them that little helping hand, which can make such a difference to their daily routine.

Knowing what equipment exists is the first step to providing that help.

Memory Aides

Some people experience memory problems when they reach a certain age, which can be alleviated by well-placed notice boards for reminders to be left by themselves or by the people who provide care for them.

Large-faced Clocks

Knowing the time can go a long way to making someone feel oriented, especially if memory issues are occurring. The reference point that a clock with a large face for easy visibility provides can be invaluable to making your elderly loved one feel like they have things under control.

If you’ve ever woken up unsure of the time or day, you’ll know that it can be pretty confusing until you find out where you are and what time it is.

Dosette Boxes

The elderly can often be on a mixture of different medication for different health issues they may have and by organising their pills in a dosette box, they can instantly see whether they have had them or not, at a glance.

Transfer Aids

The feeling of independence can be increased significantly by ease of movement and the ability to get around within the home. Whilst most people are familiar with walking sticks and frames, you might not be aware that items such as a ‘transfer turntables’ exist, allowing your loved one to use it to sit and turn on its rotating base. Mobile hoists can also offer that same convenience for your elderly relative to move themselves unaided.

There is also a wide array of equipment available to help with day to day tasks, such as bathing, using the toilet and eating and when used in conjuction, can make their home a much more friendly, safe and welcoming  place to be, even when they’re on their own.

At Castle HomeCare, we are dedicated to keeping Irish seniors independent and safe at home. We understand that everyone is different and as such, will have different needs, which we constantly strive to meet.

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