Keeping Safe at Halloween

As we get older Halloween can sometimes be stressful evening for lots of different reasons depending on where you live.

At Castle Homecare, we regularly receive questions regarding this time of year so we wanted to provide some tips whether you’re worried yourself or you have concerns regarding a friend, family member, or neighbour.

Unless you happen to live in a secluded home or in a block of flats, you’ll probably have some children knocking on your door. For the most part, they’ll be having fun and looking for some treats from the community.

In general children only really knock on brightly lit homes with halloween decorations so, if you want to avoid the whole event, don’t install decorations and keep the lights off.

If you’re going to put some decorations up with your family, remember to keep safety in mind when it comes to lighting pumpkins, blocking paths, and intruding on the land of neighbours.

If you have an elderly family member with dementia or certain physical limitations, we highly advise spending the evening with them or having them out of the house if they live in a neighbourhood that is likely to be noisy on the evening.

If you’re giving out sweets but then you run out, feel free to put a sign on the door so nobody else will knock.

Call the local guards or a neighbour if you see anything suspicious during the evening since some people use the event as an opportunity cause problems for the community. If its an emergency, dial 999 and explain the situation.

For most people, growing older means that there are times when you find it difficult to manage with day-to-day living activities. You may realise you need help, or you may be caring for a friend or family member who needs help, but you just don’t know where to start or what help you can get.

There are many different types of services we provide to support you, whatever your needs so please feel free to give us a call at Castle Homecare to discuss your requirements  01 296 5304.