Innovative Devices to Help Keep Your Elderly Relatives Safe at Home

Having an elderly loved one or friend living alone at home can be a worrying experience. Thankfully, in this modern technological age, there are many innovations to assist in the job of keeping them safe in their day to day tasks at home and notify those who need to know in the event of an emergency situation.
The following gadgets will help give you peace of mind that they aren’t struggling when you’re not there.NovaFlow Bath Minder
This nifty little gadget is available from €120 and carries out a very important task. Should your elderly relative start to run a bath and either forget about it or get waylaid, the device is triggered when the water level hits a certain point, cutting off the supply of water.
This can prevent the damage that flooding can create, not to mention eliminating the safety issues that surface water can present to someone who might not be too steady on their feet. Check out
Intelligent Stove Alarms
Cooker-related fire kitchen fires make up around a half of house fires in the UK and Ireland. This is a clear and present danger to elderly people cooking for themselves, especially if they experience focusing or memory issues. Forget that you’ve turned your cooker on and it can quickly get out of control.
The Stove Guard from Innohome (a Finnish Innovation Company) is extremely reliable, easy to install and will sound an alarm when certain toxic gases are detected. The clever part is that it keeps a note of the user’s cooking habits and spots anything out of the ordinary. It will also, when programmed to, wirelessly notify you if anything is amiss.
They cost around €400 and is available from, which might sound expensive, but it can literally be a lifesaver.
The Memo Minder
Another extremely useful device is the Memo Minder, available from about €40 from, which is able to broadcast reminders to perform certain tasks when your elderly relative walks near it. If they walk near the device, it may remind them to take medication or not to forget their keys. It can even be programmed to use your own voice to give it a personal and reassuring feel.
There are many, many more gadgets that are always coming onto the market, so it pays to keep an eye out for the next innovation emerging on the market that can help keep your loved ones safe and more independent.
There is, of course, no substitute for daily human contact provided by yourself or a carer and technology can only do so much, but with one or two clever gadgets installed in their home, you can feel that bit less anxious that they’re ok and in good health on those occasions when they’re on their own.