Homecare and understanding the role of the carer

Independence for your elderly relative is such an important thing for a healthy state of mind and everything should be done to protect it. Unfortunately, whether due to age or a major illness, this is not always possible and the need for a professional carer becomes a real need.

Professional Carer

The term ‘carer’ doesn’t really relay the complex and multifaceted role that it is. A carer may very well be looking after you or your loved one’s personal needs – regulating medication, personal grooming and hygiene etc – but in many cases, the support they provide runs much deeper.


The relationship that develops between carer and patient is a very important one. You or your loved one’s carer will often be the person they will see every day, so developing a trusting relationship with them is vital. At Castle Homecare we take many factors like personality, cultural background, professional training and interests into consideration, understanding that this enables us to allocate the carer who matches best with you or your loved one.


If you or your elderly relative was used to an independent life, there may be an amount of resistance to the need to having a carer’s support now. However, through conversation and overtime, trust and friendship most often develops and a carer becomes a very welcomed presence.


A carer carries out the role set down in their job description, but the work they do extends a long way past this and requires compassion, patience and dedication to providing the very best care available. At Castle Homecare thanks to the diversity of our team, we can choose the most compatible carer to match with each of our senior clients.

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