Home Support For Those With Hearing Loss

When a person loses their hearing, it presents a host of new challenges and will usually involve having to adapting to a completely new way of living. Hearing loss can occur for a number of different reasons and happen to anyone at any time, but when it happens to an older relative, it will likely mean you may want to provide them with extra support to ensure they can stay in their home.At Castle Homecare, we provide assistance to those with hearing loss in the most familiar of surroundings – in their own homes. We do so, as it is the best way to help an individual to enjoy the most disruption-free continuation of their normal lives and also in a place that can be easily visited by family members. Tailored PlansBy working closely with healthcare industry professionals to create a tailored care plan for your loved one, all of their specific needs are met and the impact that is felt when hearing is lost, can be greatly reduced. Assistance Not DependenceOur team of professional carers are able to assist your loved ones better cope with day to day living, but with an emphasis on not being too involved in areas where help isn’t needed, so as to encourage independence wherever possible. From help with the washing up to picking up groceries, they are on hand to provide help in the most appropriate ways.If you would like to know more about the services we offer or you’d like a chat with one of our friendly, experienced team about anything discussed above, you can call us anytime on 01 296 5304 or visit our website for more information.