Get Ready for Winter

At Castle Homecare, we receive a lot of questions on how to survive winter. However, we believe most of the work is actually done in preparation as opposed to dealing with the problem when it comes. For example, it starts with a good service for your heating system. If you find out the heating doesn’t work at the beginning of winter, this can cause issues just when you need it the most.

Below, we’ve listed some of the things we think will help during the preparation phase;

After your heating system, check the air vents and NEVER block them because this can cause all sorts of issues.

Assess your needs and buy any products in advance; this could be a hot water bottle or an electric blanket.

Be aware of everything in your home including the stopcock; you’ll need this if the pipes burst after freezing.

Although it’s hard when the cold comes, stay as active as possible. With exercise, the blood will get pumping around the body and it’s much easier to maintain an increased body temperature.

Have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted to all rooms with gas appliances.

Research whether or not you can receive financial support for your heating bills over the winter.

If you have steps either at the front or back of the property, have a handrail installed just in case you’re forced to go outside in the rain, snow, or even ice.

Ask all neighbours, friends, and family members to check in on you every so often.

Keep an emergency kit nearby just in case the electricity cuts out; this includes a mobile phone, radio, torch, and perhaps even food.

Finally, make sure you have plenty of jumpers, a warm winter coat and warm shoes in your wardrobe for when the cold weather comes.

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