Exercises for Seniors

The benefits of regular exercise for anyone, no matter what age, are many and varied and this applies even more to older people. At Castle Home Care, we understand the need for seniors to be active and independent for as long possible, which is why a regular workout can be so advantageous.Obviously, someone who requires personal homecare isn’t likely to be going out for a run, but there are a number of ways to enable your older relatives to stay in good shape that don’t place too much stress on the body.Self Myofascial Release (SMR)One simple and effective way for older people to improve their overall flexibility, joint and muscle function is through a process known as self-myofascial release. This can be done using a specially designed foam roller to assist form whilst carrying out exercises. Using their body weight, a person is able to move themselves around to massage particular areas of the body where an improvement of flexibility is required.Whilst this could sound like it wouldn’t offer much in the way of fitness, there are many advantages to exercising using foam rollers for elderly people:Relieves muscle spasmsHelps with blood circulationAssists with the recovery and repair of musclesImproves range of motion and movementDecreases the chance of injury during exerciseThis activity works on simple level, in that pressuring muscles (like in massage) using a person’s own body weight is enough to remove knots in muscles and improve the overall condition. Maintaining a healthy body for longer means that in many cases, a stay in a care home can be avoided in favour of receiving care at home instead.Other exercises like walking can also be hugely beneficial to physical and emotional well being, but SMR is a good way of ensuring that your older relatives are able to exercise in this way more often, due to a lack of muscle fatigue and cramping.To get information on Castle Homecare services please give us a call on 01 296 5304. Alternatively, you can find out more about the work we do helping older people enjoy independent living by visiting our website whenever you have a spare moment.