Companion Care Homecare Services

One of the things that many older people have to contend with later in life can be more time spent in their own company. Spending time with someone on a regular basis is important to anyone’s emotional well being and this is something that can be addressed by the provision of companion care.

Companion care can take the form of a short drop in, to check in and have chat or more comprehensive care that involves helping an older person get out and about and feeling independent. We know that everyone’s life is different, which is why this kind of service is tailored to an older person’s particular needs, so if help with housework is needed as well, this would be catered for.

The type of help and assistance offered with companion care includes:

Help with getting shopping and preparing meals

Assistance with light housekeeping tasks

Providing help where necessary with personal hygiene and dressing

Organising medication and providing reminders

Help with preparation for bed

At Castle Homecare, we completely understand the importance of doing everything we can to help older people to retain as much of their independence as they can. We do that by offering a range of services that allow people to stay safe and cared for in the comfort and familiar surroundings of the homes they know and love.

It could be that all your loved one needs is someone to share a story or two with and a little bit of help with keeping their home clean and maybe a quick trip out, to the shops or just out for a cup of coffee, each of our professional carers have the dedication and know how to not just make sure that they look after their physical needs, but also that they have all the of the mental stimulation and emotional support they need as well.

If you would like to more about companion care, why not call us now on 01 296 5304 or visit our website for more information. Help and peace of mind is just a phone call away.  We look forward to taking your call.