Becoming a carer for the elderly

Here are a few things that spring to mind when I think of the benefits of caring for the elderly. Let me start with the first and sometimes the most important one.
A carer isn’t just someone who is scheduled to go into a home, do their job and walk away again. When they are in the client’s home they make an impact on that person’s life. That may be done by helping them to gain back their independence by assisting them with tasks that they do not feel comfortable doing anymore. For example some of our clients don’t feel comfortable going out to the shops by themselves anymore as they fear they may fall but having someone with them gives them back that sense of independence that can sometimes be lost.
For so many of our clients who live alone, just knowing that their carer is scheduled into see them throughout the week can be a great comfort. We would sometimes get a call to the office from a client who may have forgotten their schedule for the week and is calling to see when their carer is arriving. The relief in their voices when they know that there will be someone into see them is palpable.
Friendship and fun
The benefits that come with growing old is the life stories that you get to share with people, and believe me I have heard some amazing stories from our wonderful clients. Sometimes people lives are too busy to get a chance to sit down and listen. When you are a carer you get that chance to sit and listen, share stories and to build up a friendship with your client. Castle Homecare is extremely passionate about enabling older people to remain independently in their home. Like every job, this career isn’t for everyone, however if you feel that you would like to make a difference to a person’s life then this career is the one for you.- This is an extremely rewarding position- We offer flexible working hours to fit around your lifestyl- We provide ongoing support to you while you work independently in the community- Enjoy ongoing training workshopsApply Now If you have FETAC Level 5 training in healthcare or would like to discuss training we would love to hear from you.  You can get further information by calling us on 01 2965304.