We are happy to help and give advice on the best course of action for you or your relative, please know if you would like to give us a call that all calls are strictly confidential, and there is no obligation on you when you do call us.

Our approach and the process we work through is to focus on creating a care service plan designed to fit in with our clients’ requirements. We conduct a full consultative process with our client and family members to create the best and most compatible care plan.

Our Approach – Next Steps

We undertake a one-to-one assessment with all clients in as personable and sensitive manner as possible, we like to include family members and any additional care providers at this stage to develop a fully customised care plans to ensure the care best suited to our clients needs is put in place.


Once you have made contact with us, we will agree a suitable time to meet you, your family and any other professionals who will add to our understanding of your needs and discuss your care requirements in detail. 

We like to include family members and any other care providers at this stage to develop a fully customised care plan to ensure the care best suited to our client’s needs is put in place.

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We organise a visit with you or your loved one at home or in the hospital, and at this time we will carry out a (no obligation) assessment to help us better understand the level and type of care needed. This is when we can also explain to you the care approach we take and how we will work with you to provide the care you want, using the approach that will work best for you.


We undertake a one-to-one assessment with all clients with utmost sensitivity.


Should you decide to engage us, we will next create a care plan based on our assessment and your preferences and then match one of our highly skilled carers with you or your elder loved one. We make sure we find the right caregiver, the person we feel will be compatible with our client in terms of both professional training and personal interests and qualities. 


Before the start date, we will first introduce you to your carer at your home. This will give you both a chance to get to know each other and to discuss your own specific requirements and care preferences.


Our care manager will always be regularly in contact with you and your carer, reviewing your care on an ongoing basis and making sure everything is running smoothly for you.

Our quality assurance manager will call to you on a regular basis, again to ensure the best possible personalised care is being provided.


Our carers and care managers will also proactively manage our care plans, and we will provide the training, awareness and support they need to identify where additional care is needed. Our care managers will work with you and other care disciplines that may be involved in your care to ensure that your care plans continue to evolve to reflect your support needs.

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