16 October, 2017.

Get Ready for Winter

At Castle Homecare, we receive a lot of questions on how to survive winter. However, we believe most of the work is actually done in preparation as opposed to dealing with the problem when it comes. For example, it starts with a good service for your heating system. If

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11 October, 2017.

Quality Care for an Older Person

There are many personal qualities that a good professional carer must have and amongst them, must be patience, wisdom, empathy and strength. When finding a carer for an older person, you need to know that they are going to be well looked after and that both their

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26 September, 2017.

Caring for People with Dementia

Today, we have just a couple of thoughts to keep in mind if you are caring for a loved one with dementia, there is a lot more detailed information available on these subject available but we hope this quick overview will give you a few ideas of what you can be thinking

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21 September, 2017.

Nutrition Tips for Older Adults

All through life, eating a healthy, balanced diet is important but this becomes even more important as you age. If you eat healthily and stay mobile, you’ll be fitter for longer both physically and mentally which is important. Taking a look at our general tips

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18 September, 2017.

Tips for Keeping Active and Staying in Touch

According to the 2011 Census, there was 392,000 households in Ireland with only one person living in them and the numbers are growing. In the case of many older people in single households many people will often have some kind of home help, companion care or a private

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10 September, 2017.

Fair Deal Scheme and Home Care

Fair Deal Scheme and Home Care By Christine King, Director, Castle Homecare Fair Deal is the government scheme which allows people to put the value of their own home against nursing home care. With a large ageing population in Ireland, the Fair Deal scheme is an

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17 August, 2017.

‘Thinking Ahead’ -- FREE Public Event for Positive Ageing Week

Castle Homecare Public Information Event for Positive Ageing Week in Association with Age Action.       ‘Thinking Ahead’ – FREE Event for Families Programme encourages families to prepare for older years Dublin 16th August

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14 August, 2017.

How Music Can Help with Alzheimer’s

Recently, a video of a man and his father singing in the car went viral; the father had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s three years prior to the video yet slipped right back into his entertainer days when his favourite song came on. Bring Back Memories - This

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11 August, 2017.

What is Respite Homecare and What does it Mean for My Elderly Relative?

When you may spend of lot of your day looking after an elderly loved one it is very important to have the facility to take a break from time to time. The tasks you perform every day in a carer role can involve important things like administering medication, helping

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17 July, 2017.

Making the Right Choice for Your Elderly Relative with Castle HomeCare

Providing support for elderly relatives or parents can be difficult for anyone, but it is something that must be done right. In order to achieve this, there are numerous different aspects that need to be considered to ensure that they are fully supported, both

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